How To: Treat any facial breakouts with natural aloe vera gel

Treat any facial breakouts with natural aloe vera gel

Natural cures are usually the best cures. Aloe vera gel is used to cure huge burns, scrapes, and even puncture wounds. But the best use of it is to "cure" those breakouts! This video will show you exactly how to treat those facial outbreaks with pure, all natural aloe vera gel.

I have been extracting and applying real, pure aloe vera gel from the aloe vera plant every other week for the past month or so, and the results? Well, I have not needed to wear any foundation or concealer for the past week!!! My skin has been breakout-free and smooth as a baby's butt recently! However, I don't know what I'm gonna do when I run out of leaves, because no new leaves have grown from the cut off parts!!! Maybe I gotta buy a new plant everytime I have used up all the leaves? We'll see... If it gets too pricey, I'll just have to switch back to drugstore aloe vera gel :( Remember, folks: keep it refrigerated, avoid exposing it to sunlight, and try to use it all up in the following days (as its potency decreases with time)!!!

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