How To: Avoid razor burn

Avoid razor burn

Do you always get razor burn? Razor burn can be painful, irritating and lower self-esteem. Follow these simple steps to get a smooth shave without the irritating bumps and burn.

You Will Need:
• Warm water
• A washcloth
• Baby oil
• Shaving cream
• A razor with multiple blades
• A towel
• Aftershave cream or lotion or aloe vera gel
• A shaving cream warmer (optional)

Step 1: Splash skin
Splash warm water on the areas that you will be shaving.

Step 2: Soak washcloth
Soak the washcloth in warm water, wring out any excess, and then add a few drops of baby oil to the center of the cloth.

Step 3: Condition skin
Condition your skin by wiping it with the prepared washcloth.

Step 4: Apply shaving cream
Apply shaving cream to your skin.

Step 5: Shave
Shave with a fresh razor blade to reduce abrasions and nicks. Use short strokes with minimal pressure, shave in the direction of hair growth, and rinse the blade between each stroke.

Step 6: Rinse
Rinse oil and cream from your skin using cold water and then pat dry.

Step 7: Soothe skin
Soothe your shaved skin with aftershave cream or lotion, or aloe vera gel.

Trivia: Archeologists have found solid gold and copper razors in Egyptian tombs from the fourth millennium B.C.E.

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