How To: Extract whiteheads and blackheads properly

Extract whiteheads and blackheads properly

In this how-to video, Kate Somerville shows us a tip on how to extract a whitehead or blackhead the proper way. Don't just go recklessly popping zits and pimples. It'll leave you with a red face and could cause permanent damage. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to extract whiteheads and blackheads like an esthetician.

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you pop me like you know me!

no it is not

you are pop

this is crazy nasty!!


all that to take away one!!

ew cystic acne is really gross i didnt know wat cystic acne waz so i lookd it up and well....i made a bad i hav nitemares

Wow. Compilcated....NOW you tell everyone. Rofl.

hi, swetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

awesome advice

Don't squeeze - the live infectious material gets squeezed into the surrounding tissue, not just out, and it is carried away by blood in veins that next go to your brain. I learned this in my medical training, with diagrams and more. You probably don't know too many teenagers with brain infections. It is rare. But would you want to be one of the ones it happens to. If your acne is bad, it can be treated by a doctor. If the treatment doesn't work, go back to the doctor; there are stronger treatments that are only for people who fail to improve on the weaker treatments, or only for people with cystic acne or worse cases. Too many people fail on their treatment and never bother to go back to their doctors, so the doctors never know that more treatment is needed. You have to remember your doctor is not psychic, but relies on you for information.
Beauticians, meanwhile, make up all this stuff that has no basis in medical reality. You don't need any help for 'exfoliating'; your dead cells fall off on their own. Normal washing once a day will help wash them away.
And by the way, you don't need to cleanse your colon (except before a medical procedure such as colon surgery or a colonoscopy and we do not call it "cleansing" your colon. Its a bowel prep). Someone made that racket up and you see it advertised so much you start to wonder if it might be a real thing. Its not based on any medical reality.
Fat cannot be melted away either. Etc.
Be careful out there and do your research.
From a medical doctor.

Wow. Thats The LONGEST most BORING comment i've seen on the internet! Calm Down.

Hey to the person whos says he/she is a doctor on the internet. You "doctors" only prescribe whatever has been approved by the FDA, which will work for some people who's acne actually only come from their skin, mine however has nothing to do with my skin, they said i have severe acne, and that it was only because of my oily skin. Well i have used several different types of acne treatments and none of them work AT ALL! They sure did dry the hell out of my skin though, to the point of flaking for months. Hey guess what, my acne is still here!!! There have been a few non-FDA approved acne treatments i have used that are all-natural, they work, one of which is a colon cleanse, it is the flushing out of the junk built up from all the un-healthy crap we eat, mostly from processed sugar/soda/ect. This things block us up. Everything is connected in your body. if it can't get it out through your bowels, then it will move to your skin eventually, hence acne for the other 80% of America. Sorry this is so long, but truth be told, FDA sucks and does not approve natural cures, it has to be man-made. My acne decresed by about 30%, i need to cleanse my body a couple more times over the next 6 months to be rid of the acne, and then need to eat healthy from then one, and cleanse myself about once a year to keep the results. I am a teenager who has been ridiculed for years about my acne, doctors where never able to help, but the lady at the health food store changed my life. Ironic isn't it?

hey b cool y ryt a book der

Colon cleanses are AWESUME to get out all sorts of junk that just won't come out "the natural way." The proof is the the pudding, so to say. You can see all the parasites and parasite casings and slime that was blocking the uptake of nutrients from your food into your body parts that need it.
Check out Dr. Benard Jensen's work for more information..

This is some really good advice, although the lancets aren't going to feel too good after you poke your face 5 times.

Good work

good,i like that


i like it

I do agree on putting a steamed towel on to face because it opens your pores for easily extracting the white and blackheads.

You made a mistake. Never recap a used sharp. That includes lancets.

Even man made things are made of nature. But I agree with you Wrench. Americas FDA, Medical, hell, government suck.

wow that's so helpful :-)
i never knew that

i hate have in blackheads this edvice was good, but u guys wid acne need to calm down, colon cleanses sound like the work get a few if u notice ur acne goin down, get more !!!

what if the "squiggly worms" are on your butt?

What what, in the butt?

She does not have a clue what she is talking about. You need a comedo extractor to prevent reinfection and scars.

That bit about the lancets is total rubbish. Get yourself a fine pin (as thin as you can get; don't be jabbing yourself with one bigger that the pores you're trying to poke) and a cheap Bic lighter (you could use rubbing alcohol, but a lighter kills bacteria deader than dead). Without burning yourself (because inevitable some of you have to be told NOT to do that) hold the not-pointy end of the pin with a pair of tweezers and heat the pointy end of the pin till it glows to completely disinfect it. The only bacteria that survives that kind of heat lives in and around surface geysers and deep sea chimneys and you're not likely to come in direct contact with either (if you DO manage to come in direct contact with either environment, you will have bigger skin problems than zits ... like having your skin burned off and having no future sex life or having your body crushed down to the size of a watermelon by the pressure of several miles of ocean water above you ... and having no future sex life). Run some cold water over the pin to cool and remove the carbon soot (comes from the lighter fluid reacting to the metal of the pin) and you're ready to NOT spend God knows how much on fresh batches of lancets from the store. GENTLY lance the whitehead with your FREE and SAFELY REUSABLE (as long as you disinfect after each use) pin and apply light pressure around it to force the puss out without forcing it deeper. Wipe away with a bit of toilet paper.

I am 32 and I have extremely oily skin, bad acne when I was younger. I squeeze my skin twice a week- exactly like she says in this video. It's the only way I have found to keep ,my skin clear. I have no scars from it and my skin does not get infected.

did you just tell people to put a lancet in the garbage???? these belong in a sharps container, glad I am not your garbage man who could get punctured with your infectious lancet.

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