How To: Make a DIY ice facial to constrict pores and brighten

Make a DIY ice facial to constrict pores and brighten

Dermatologists and aestheticians looking to make a quick buck (or several hundred of them) will tell you that the best facial exoliation and brightening treatments can only be done via the doctor's office with specialty (read: pricey) enzymes, but the truth is that for short term skin bliss, you already have all the tools you need in your kitchen.

Ransack your cupboards for liquid soft gel vitamin E, toothpicks, and green tea packets. Then watch this video by Michelle Phan to learn how to make popsicles for your face - in effect, an ice facial.

Ice Facials are very popular in Asia. Korean actresses swear by rubbing ice cubes on their face to achieve that beautiful radiant glow. This will help reduce morning facial swelling and help constrict large pores without using chemical toners.

Usually in the morning or whenever you wake up from sleeping horizontally, your interstitial fluid, or body fluid, gets redistributed, mostly through the lymphatic system. This is why your face tends to swell in the morning. Using this ice facial will not only reduce facial swelling, but it will help constrict the large pores, especially after a hot shower where it opens up the pores. Remember it's only temporary, but your skin will look brighter after using this ice facial.

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