How To: Make a cucumber, oatmeal & yogurt facial mask at home

Make a cucumber, oatmeal & yogurt facial mask at home

What can you do with a cucumber, yogurt, oats and honey? You can make a facial mask which keeps your skin moistened and protected during the summer months. You will need: small cucumber1/2 C yogurt2 tablespoons oats1 tablespoon honeyfood processor or blender Peel and deseed cucumber. Cut into small pieces, approximately 1/2 inch. Add cucumber and remaining ingredients into the processor, turn on and leave on until well blended. Now we are going to apply the mask to our face and leave on for 20 minutes. Cucumbers and yogurt act as a natural moisturizer. The honey helps keep the skin from sun damage and the oats are a natural anti-inflammatory . You might want to put slices of cucumbers on the eyes as they reduce puffiness and darkness from under the eye.

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