How To: Look younger with facial exercises

Look younger with facial exercises

In this video from Sigsac from Happy Face Yoga, we learn how to look younger with facial exercises. This demonstrates the cheek lifter. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the cheek. Smile, open mouth and form an O. Fold upper lip over teeth, smile again to lift cheek muscles up. Place index fingers on the top part of cheek, directly under eyes. Relax cheek muscles to return to original position. Smile again to lift the cheek muscles back up. Do this 10 times. In the next exercise he shows how to remove eye bags. This will help to remove bags under eyes and help to widen the eyes. Smile, open mouth to form a long O, hold upper lip over teeth, squint eyes raising lower eye lids up. Press 3 fingertips of each hand under lower eyelids on top of cheek bones. Press fingers tightly on cheekbones and pull down slightly. Close eyes tightly focusing on lifting lower eyelid up. Muscles will tighten under fingertips. Relax eyes back open. Do this 10 times.

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