How To: Master Asian beauty secrets

Master Asian beauty secrets

The alluring beauty of Asian women is celebrated around the world. And they often look years younger than their true age. Ever wondered what the secret was to the gorgeous skin of Asian women? We've uncovered a few.

You Will Need

*Panax ginseng root
*Pearl powder
*An egg white
*A fresh coconut
*A cheesecloth
*A parasol

Step 1: Keep washcloths in the fridge

Step 2: Prepare a ginseng drink

Step 3: Drink up

Tip: If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking medication, consult your doctor before drinking ginseng.

Step 4: Make a pearl mask

Tip: Wipe your face with a warm, wet washcloth before applying the mask; moist skin is better at absorbing nutrients.

Step 5: Moisturize with coconut

Step 6: Carry a parasol

Fact: In the 18th and 19th centuries, facial powders containing nightingale droppings were popular in Japan because the bird poop's enzymes were thought to prevent wrinkles and stimulate circulation.

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