How To: Get rid of a pimple fast

Get rid of a pimple fast

Don't let a dermatological disaster get you down. Here are a half-dozen ways to zap those zits fast!

You Will Need

* Aspirin
* A cotton swab
* Lemon juice
* Instant oatmeal
* Honey
* An egg
* Manuka honey
* Non-gel toothpaste
* Tea tree oil or witch hazel (optional)
* Eye drops for red eyes (optional)
* Hydrogen peroxide (optional)
* Dermatologist (optional)

Keep tea tree oil or witch hazel in the house so that as soon as you feel a pimple starting to bloom, you can dab some on. Both have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will help nip a zit in the bud.

Though greasy foods are often blamed, acne is actually due in large part to genetics.

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