How To: Fix acne and zit emergencies with home remedies

Fix acne and zit emergencies with home remedies

Alana tells us how to fix acne and zit emergencies in this tutorial. If you have a zit you need to get rid of right away, look and see if it's red and has a white head. If it has a whitehead, then you will be able to extract it and heal it in the same night. To do this, take a wash cloth and heat water up (don't boil). Once it's hot, put your cloth underneath it, then press the cloth on your pimple for 20 seconds. Keep doing this until the pimple comes to more of a head. After this, move the washcloth in a circular motion, which will remove the white head. When it starts to bleed, stop applying pressure. If you want to extract it, take two q-tips and go underneath the pimple until it comes out. When you're done, let this sit overnight and you can then apply concealer the next day.

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