Forum Thread: What Is Your Morning Routine

Hey everyone..!!!

To start off my summer lazy days i have really dark curtains so that light cannot enter my room and disturb my sleep.. so i think its night for a littlee bit longer…so i wake up and like to sit thinking about my life ,decisions and then stretching a little bit to pen up my body …

And then i go ahead and slide up my curtains so that light can enter into my room and so that i can finally accept that its morning…And then i just take a big yawn and i usually wear some loose and comfy t-shirt …And then i go ahead and checked my mobile a little…instagram addicts…:p ..I usually don't use my phone when it is charging…then i went ahead to do the usual things that i do…

The first thing that i do is i drink a bit of aloe vera juice..It just boosts up the comes with the cup and i measure it like 20 ml of it and it tastes yuck…:p.. And then i go ahead and do some blog post for you guys because i love you all sooo much..And once i am done with that i go ahead and have my breakfast..

The post is bit large read it from my blog :)

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