Kitty Litter Facials: The Latest Beauty Hack

The Latest Beauty Hack

UGC beauty How-To video is a true YouTube phenomenon. Considering the internet's tendency toward the male bias, the complete domination of beauty in YouTube's How To & Style section is noteworthy.

The video below, by YouTube creator Michelle Phan (9 million views! on her YouTube channel), initially seems a bit quirky. But don't dismiss Michelle. 

Her beauty hacks are every bit as ingenious as Kipkay's electronic hacks. The How-To internet world (WonderHowTo in particular) is full of fun little inventions and short-cuts, A.K.A. life hacks. In Michelle's words: "…volcanic clay masks that you purchase from stores are really just expensive versions of unscented kitty litter."

If you doubt the validity of Michelle's materials, read up on her research here.

Kudos to Michelle's clever craftiness. She is a lovely addition to the internet's creative life hackers. For more of Michelle's beauty hacks (and straight up tutorials), check out the related videos below.

Kitty Litter Image Credit to Wil Crutchly.

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Its even cheaper to buy 50 lb bags directly from a place like this
I find a mixture of Ball Clay & Bentonite works great for skin all over the body.

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