How To: Prevent chapped lips

Prevent chapped lips

Are you constantly battling chapped lips? The right prevention methods can restore lip moisture in no time. Watch this Howcast guide to learn how to prevent chapped lips. Nobody wants chapped lips - lips should be soft and kissable.

You Will Need
* Water
* Vitamins
* Ointment
* Lipstick
* A humidifier

Step 1: Don't lick your lips
Licking chapped lips may make them feel better for a moment, but it can cause and worsen chapped lips because enzymes in saliva that are meant to aid digestion irritate and dehydrate skin and lips.

Step 2: Drink water
Staying hydrated helps keep the lips moist, especially when the weather is dry. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Step 3: Take vitamins
Try vitamins. Certain vitamin deficiencies, such as a vitamin B deficiency, can cause scaling of the lips.

Step 4: Use ointments at night
Apply an ointment, such as lanolin, to your lips before you go to bed each night. This will give your lips a chance to heal while you sleep.
*Tip: Avoid using flavored lip balm, which can cause excessive lip licking, a habit that leads to chapped lips.

Step 5: Lipstick
If you like to wear lipstick, look for SPF products that have moisturizing ingredients, which will help prevent chapping.
*Tip: Creamy lipsticks are the best for already chapped lips because they help to seal in the moisture and keep them smooth.

Step 6: Use a humidifier
The use of a humidifier in the home can help increase moisture in the air, which can be good for the lips.

Many red lipsticks gets their color from carmine, which is made by boiling dried insects and extracting their carminic acid.

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