How To: Make a homemade moisturizing yogurt facial mask

Make a homemade moisturizing yogurt facial mask

How to make a home-made moisturizing face-pack with yogurt:Chanelbluesatin shows us how to make a simple moisturizing face-pack with yogurt. All you need is plain yogurt, a tea-spoon, some honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Now let's start off. Take a one or two tea-spoon of yogurt in the bowl. Mix well before putting the yogurt into the bowl. Add one or two drops of concentrated lemon juice to it. Then, take one tea-spoon of honey and add it to the mixture. Mix it well. Now, before you apply it to your face, make sure you do a patch test on any part of your body (other than face of course) to check if you have any allergic reactions to this mixture. Once you find that all is well, apply the mixture with both your hands on your face. This mixture, used at least once a week , moisturizes your face, lightens it, keeps acne under control and gives an overall lively look to you. One of the simplest home-made skin therapies, try it out sometimes guys!!!

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