How To: Make DIY pore strips with unflavored gelatin and milk

Make DIY pore strips with unflavored gelatin and milk

Even princesses need help getting pretty. Take one of our favorite (faux) princesses, Princess Mia from "The Princess Diaries," who walked around sans makeup and with pore strip on nose before a big event (which she then speedily - and painfully - ripped off when Michael came in the room).

Pore strips are many gals' go-to weapons of choice to get rid of facial gunk fast, but if you use the strips regularly you're probably racking up quite the bill. Save money while still getting your pores as clean as a whistle by making your own pore strips.

All you need is two ingredients: Unflavored Gelatin and Milk! Pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds! It's better than store bought Pore Strips because it doesn't hurt your skin because it's not like glue, it's natural. Also, it reaches all the hard to reach areas on your face.

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