How To: Help stretch marks, teeth, cellulite, and scars

Help stretch marks, teeth, cellulite, and scars

Simple but effective tips for a better and beautiful you. For a whiter teeth use a toothpaste with a high fluoride content such as Sensodyne. Brush teeth as usual but avoid rinsing your mouth and do not spit off all the fluoride and let it stay in your mouth. Do this every night. For scars, stretch marks, cellulite, anti-aging, dry skin, use bio-oil. It is pure saline oil and a non greasy formula that has healing properties. Just spray a little bit of bio-oil to the affected area. for underarm care. Use Mitchum Smart solid deodorant. It is safe, long-lasting and doesn't mark your clothes. For detoxification that keeps skin healthy, drink lots of water. Use Dr. Stuart's detox tea. These are little tips that could give big benefits on you, whiter teeth, healthy skin and good hygiene.

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