How To: Get rid of stretch marks with olive oil & shea butter

Get rid of stretch marks with olive oil & shea butter

Tonya Tko talks to us about how to make the stretch marks on our body disappear by using natural products.

•All women are faced with the problem of stretch marks.
•Here is an easy way to make them fade with two natural products – olive oil and shea butter.
•In a bottle, put the shea butter and cover it fully with the olive oil. Shake it well until all the shea butter blends with the olive oil.
•You can use this mixture everyday before and after your bath/shower.
•Before your bath, apply this mixture on the areas you have stretch marks. Use the loofah sponges during your bath as it helps to exfoliate. After your bath you can apply this mixture as a moisturizer all over your body.
•You need to use this mixture for 6 months to see good results.
•And you will surely see the beautiful skin you have always waited for.

You can get olive oil anywhere in the world. It is a bit costly and Tonya Tko says that you can get the cheapest olive oil in Greece. Shea butter can be purchased in any African stores located in your country.

Take care!

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