How To: Get rid of eye circles with prepared green tea bags

Get rid of eye circles with prepared green tea bags

Want the beautifying, bag-reducing benefits of green tea eye mask but, you know, without all the green tea? You're in luck! With prepared tea bags, you'll never have to taste a drop of delicious, salubrious tea ever again.

Tea bags underneath the eyes to prevent dark circles aren't anything new, but are you tired of making bags of tea every time you need to soothe your eyes? Plus waiting for the water to cool and waiting for it to get cold in the fridge just takes too long.

Voilà, the ready green tea treatment! You'll make a batch each Sunday and use them all week.

Dynasty 100% Green Tea: H.E.B
Cotton Pads: Walgreens
Plate: Wal-mar during V-day Season
Wrapping: Wal-Mart

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