How To: Get Healthy Skin in 3 Easy Steps

Get Healthy Skin in 3 Easy Steps

You can get healthier looking skin in just three easy steps! Sarah shows you how...

Step 1 Cleanse

For morning, Use an electronic facial cleansing brush; it will make a huge difference in your skin. It helps circulation and removes old makeup and dirt and can be used in the shower.  For evening, use facial cleansing cloths.

Example: Olay Facial Cloths 

Step 2 Treat

Use an exfoliator or serum product. Exfoliators help remove dead skin and renew cell turnover. There are tons of serums out there that help with various skin issues. Use one that fits your needs.

Step 3 Moisturize

You need to moisturize both in the morning and evening. For morning, use a UV moisturizer for sun protection. For evening, a product with retinol will help more mature skin and a product with salicylic acid will help with blemishes.

Example: Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer

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