How To: Get baby smooth skin through proper skin care

Get baby smooth skin through proper skin care

MissChievous gives us a tip about skin care. She thinks that a really important process in having a healthy skin consists in exfoliating your face once in a while.Basically, by exfoliating you get rid of all the dead skin cells. In order to eliminate your dead skin cells you must use an exfoliator. MissChievous thinks that the best exfoliator for your skin is the generic, not coded aspirin. Take two tablets of aspirin, put them in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water. Then just wait a couple of minutes for them to start to disolve. When they start to disintegrate you apply them all over your face. To make it stick to your face you can use products like a face wash gel but she thinks that honey will do best. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to do its job. Afterwards start rubbing down gently the granules but do so avoiding the eye area and finish it off by washing your face with plain water. This is a cost-effective method of exfoliating your skin but it can also be used by people with acne related skin problems.

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