How To: Decrease stretch marks with lasers

Decrease stretch marks with lasers

Maverick Television, from the United Kingdom, explains what stretch marks are, why they are undesirable, and some of the ways doctors treat them. But the more useful part of the video are instructions how to avoid having stretch marks in the first place. The Embarrassing Illness Clinic specializes in medical ailments which sap people's self-confidence. One example is the problem of stretch marks. Using the case of Jasmine Anne Smith, the clinic's physicians explain that stretch marks typically result from rapid weight gain, and are essentially the same as a scar -- the elastic part of the skin is torn and damaged. Treatment for stretch marks can often be more effective if you begin while the stretch mark is dark and red, in other words, while they are still recent. Although this video does not specify exactly how lasers treat stretch marks, the clinic does recommend three steps to avoid having stretch marks in the first place: 1) Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. 2) Avoid gaining weight rapidly. 3) Use a skin moisturizer with Vitamin A or E, which not only helps keep the skin hydrated, but also promotes good circulation. The latest video from the Embarrassing Illness Clinic helps you prevent the damage to your self-confidence and self-esteem which accompanies stretch-marks, by offering three simple steps to avoid them. The Clinic also explains what stretch-marks are and how they most often originate.

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