How To: Control extreme underarm or armpit sweating

Control extreme underarm or armpit sweating

In this video Dr. Schultz will show you how to control extreme underarm sweating. If you suffer from extreme underarm sweating, despite regular use of antiperspirants, follow these steps: Make an appointment with your doctor so that they can give you a prescription for a topical antiperspirant called Drysol. This liquid is applied once a week, at bedtime, and is covered with cling wrap. After a few weeks you will see a significant reduction in the amount of underarm perspiration you experience. If the above mentioned treatment does not work, you may be required to undergo Botox treatments. You may need a total of 25 injections. This treatment usually lasts about 3-6 months. If excessive underarm sweating makes a difference in your quality of life, please see your dermatologist.

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