How To: Care for skin with champagne (Michelle Phan's DIY tip)

Care for skin with champagne (Michelle Phan's DIY tip)

Michelle Phan presents this tutorial video on caring for your skin with champagne. You can use less than a sip of your champagne as a detoxifying cleanser/ toner.

From Michelle's site:

Champagne is beneficial for the skin because it helps detoxify the skin and fights free radicals. Now let's not confuse champagne as being bad for your skin because of the alcohol. In fact, most skin care toners and astringents purchased from stores contains around 20-60% alcohol, but champagne contains around 14% alcohol.

Many skin care products use alcohol that your body cannot break down. The alcohol you should avoid is called isopropyl. Isopropyl is a 3 carbon alcohol. Commonly used to sterilize the skin and tools by doctors and is very drying on the skin. It is also known as rubbing alcohol.

The alcohol in the Champagne is from the fermentation of the grapes. It contains antioxidants from the fermented grapes which helps fight free radicals. The tartaric acid which is a by product from the fermentation process, helps lighten and even out the texture and tone of the skin.

The carbon dioxide or bubbles helps constrict pores, making your skin feel tight and provides that radiant glow. This treatment works amazingly well on normal to oily skin, but dry skin people should use a more hydrating treatment instead.

1. a bottle of Champagne
2. a tiny dish
3. a cotton pad
4. pour less than a sip onto the dish
5. Soak the cotton pad on the dish
6. Now take the cotton soaked pad
7. Wipe it on your entire face, you will feel how light and cool the champagne feels. Get every inch, this will detoxify your skin. You should feel the bubbles fizzing.
8. Now finish off with treating, moisturizing and protecting your skin.

Search Michelle Phan on WonderHowTo for more beauty tutorials.

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